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Deposits of Metals

by Peter Laznicka

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Peter Laznicka, a former Professor of Geology for 29 years (now retired), specialized in metallic deposits and their distribution. He established the Data Metallogenica information system on mineral deposits of the world supported by sets (lithotheques) of testable miniaturized rock and ore samples. Laznicka published eight major books on this theme (and also about breccias) with international publishers. These books are the subject of copyright of the publishers and have to be ordered from them. A number of books, short courses, lectures and posters for which Peter Laznicka has retained copyright, are now available for download from the http://www.payhip.com site. Pages “Books, reports to download” on this site list the available titles.

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Coverage of chapters in the book “Metals are where you find them”
Freiberg and Heidelberg, cradle and major centre of mineral deposits science