Books Published

Books available from publishers (copyrighted)

These books have been published by commercial publishers who hold the copyright. They have to be ordered directly from the publishers or through a bookseller.

  • Laznicka, Peter, 1985. Empirical Metallogeny; set of two books. Elsevier Amsterdam, ISBN 0444-42530-6, 1758 pages
  • Laznicka, Peter, 1988. Breccias and Coarse Fragmentites. Petrology, Environments, Associations, Ores. Elsevier Amsterdam, ISBN 0-444-42938-7 (Vol. 25). 832 pp.
  • Laznicka, Peter, 1993. Precambrian Empirical Metallogeny. Precambrian Lithologic Associations and Metallic Ores. Elsevier Amsterdam, ISBN 0-444-89953 7. 1627 pp.
  • Laznicka, Peter, 2006. Giant Metallic Deposits. Future Sources of Industrial Metals, Frrst Edition. Springer Berlin, Heidelberg, New York. ISBN 3-540-33091-7. 732 pp. + CD-ROM
  • —Second Edition, 2010. ISBN-978-3-642-12404-4. 949 pp.
  • Láznička, Petr, 2020. Za Rudami z Cech až na Konec Světa. Lidský svět očima geologa. In Czech, Czech Geological Survey, ISBN 978-80-7075-994-3. 393 pp. Shortened Czech language version of the book “Metals are where you find them” (read the next page).

These books, although expensive (because of high specialization hence low printed numbers) are held by major libraries, by universities, geological surveys and the exploration industry. They are high on factual data (hence empirical information) that change little with time. The book Giant Metallic Deposits is used in advanced Economic Geology courses at several universities and coordination of the book with Data Metallogenica (read the next page) allows the reader to greatly extend the amount of information and their reality, as most of the major ore deposits described here are represented in Data Metallogenica by photos of miniaturized rock and ore sets (lithotheques) and field photos (visit