Books, reports to download

As COVID/19 and advancing age have stopped my international lecturing, I have transferred books, reports, charts and lectures to which I hold copyright to internet, to be sold via the website.

Publications available

Title of publicationLink to order download from PayhipPrice in USD
Metals are where you find them. Geologist´s travels through six continents. 528 pages, 1000+ color photos, 106mb pdf file. Reviewed in Economic Geology v.115, no.7, for personal/student 50% discount add coupon WPDCZILB30 to the orderUSD 52.00 (USD 26.00)
Metallic Deposits, Geological Settings (“geosites”). 700+ pages A4 book that organizes and describes 142 “geosites”, that is factual geological environments and associations that may contain specific types of ore deposits. 2004, updated 12.00
Poster Metallic Deposits Settings (geosites). 2.5×1.3m poster showing place of the 142 geosites described in book, arranged by geotectonic domains and 6.00
Giant Metallic Deposits short course by Peter Laznicka. A three-days long course of 936 Powerpoint (or pdf) screens (184 mb). Presented internationally until 2019 (COVID onset) 20.00
Geoinformation systems supported by rock/ore samples (as in Data Metallogenica, Lithotheque). Description, applications, instructions for assembly. 113 screens, 144 3.00
Olympic Dam Cu,U,Au and Kiruna-Fe type IOCG deposits. Powerpoint lecture by Peter Laznicka. 169 screens, 170 5.00
Poster: Uranium Deposits Types by Peter Laznicka. Shows diagrammatic cross-sections of 140 U-types with brief 3.50