Giant Deposits-short courses

Two decades of international lecturing. In the past twenty years I gave a number of lectures and short courses about ore deposits and breccias in 15 countries of the world. The most popular, typically three-days long, annually updated short course was about “giant deposits” of metals. This course was given at universities of Adelaide, JCU Townsville, Western Australia, Ostrava, Charles Prague, Moscow, Medellín, Harare, Igenieria Lima, Beijing, CUG Wuhan, Kyushu, Lviv, Mashad, Johannesburg; at geological surveys (KIGAM Korea, Saudi GS Jeddah, MTA Ankara) and at conferences (ProExplo Lima, MRAG Toronto, PDAC Toronto, Cordilleran Roundup Vancouver, IGC Oslo, Moscow and others). Each Powerpoint course had up to 1,000 very colourful screens in recognition that many international participants have problems following spoken English.

What is in? Every short course was accompanied by voluminous colour notes in pdf (some are still available from me) and it was organised by either geotectonic mega-domains (e.g. island arcs, orogens, platforms, rifts), or by commodities-metals. The course content could be stretched to fill a typical one-semester lecture course in advanced economic geology and it was fully customizable. Coordination with my other products of instruction has made it possible to incorporate materials from Data Metallogenica (by readers with DM subscription) and bring the “real rocks and ores” into static descriptions.