Metals are Where you Find Them

Lecturing, most recently about giant metallic deposits around the world, some participants came with the idea that technical books about ores, several of which I have published, could be made more entertaining by including “human” observations about the countries and places I have visited, with lots and lots of colour photos. And the price should have been such that even students could afford the book. The solution was to offer it as an e-book and those who prefer printed copy can have it done much cheaper at home, than in Australia (plus paying the horrendous price of shipping). So, here it is. The book is about 10% personal memoir tracing my journey from then Communist Czechoslovakia, via 32 years in Canada, to sunny Adelaide, Australia, visiting more than 3,500 ore deposits and occurrences en-route. Some 30% is general travelog and the rest regional geology and description of major metallic deposits. Having had Ore Geology 101 would certainly help comprehension of the technical facts, but even non-specialists eager to learn where the metals they use daily came from and whether there would be enough of them tomorrow, can manage.

Witwatersrand gold

The book has attracted number of reviews and, with 519 pages of A4 format and two dense columns of text, it is a well of information I have collected, in situ, over the period of 65 years. The book is available for download for USD 52 (half price for student and personal readers); hard copy printed in and sent from Australia would increase the price about three times, so it is recommended that customers have the book produced at destination, from the pdf file.

April in the High Alps