Other Downloads

Wait, there´s more! Of the many tens of reports, charts, lectures, posters I have generated over the past quarter-of-century, most are sufficiently up-to-date to be used to fill gaps left in the literature and teaching of metallic deposits. All can be used without engaging in a lengthy search of permission from the copyright owners. For me it is enough to quote source that most of us do anyway. Three selected downloads appear below.

Geoinformation systems supported by rock/ore samples. Largely derived from the Lithotheque/Data Metallogenica philosophy (see next page) that combines sets of miniaturized rock and ore samples with field photos, descriptions and information sources, they serve as highly realistic compilations about regional geology and ores, as exemplified by the “Curnamona” report below. Powerpoint presentation explaining preparation of such documents is available for download.

Olympic Dam IOCG and Kiruna-type-Fe deposits: a Powerpoint lecture. Olympic Dam deposit in South Australia was discovered by Western Mining in 1975 and it became the discovery of the 21st Century, as well as perhaps the most valuable complex metal deposit ever found (worth some 1-4 trillion dollars of metals in ground). It is the world´s largest U source, fifth largest Cu, Australian largest Au. OD discovery provided a model for definition of the IOGC (Iron oxides gold copper) family of ores. This family overlaps with the “Kiruna-type” iron and some other ores. This presentation is rich in field and sample sets, colour photos provide most unpublished, original images and overlap with information contained in Data Metallogenica.

Kiruna city hall

Uranium deposits poster. This poster includes 140 generalized cross-sections of various types of uranium deposits and occurrences that are also included in Data Metallogenica (read next page). I have personally visited, sampled and described all these deposits scattered on six continents.