Peter Laznicka in Adelaide, Australia

Mineral deposits geologist with international experience

65 years in Ore Geology Business. Peter was born in Prague, where he completed the Geological Industrial School, then got his first degree (B.Sc equivalent) from the Charles University in 1962. After several positions with uranium exploration, National Museum and Charles University in Czechoslovakia, Peter relocated to Canada, where he obtained his M.Sc and Ph.D and eventually joined the University of Manitoba, where he lectured and researched for 29 years. The complicated road from the Euro-socialism to the liberal West is described in PeterĀ“s book “Metals are where you find them”.

At the University Peter lectured in a number of courses and specialised in metallogeny-distribution of metallic deposits in time and space, on global basis. University routine provided a great opportunity for international travel and study of ores in situ and it led to the development of the concept of “lithotheque” (rock library) and later Data Metallogenica as a “rock solid” information system about ores.

In 1999 Peter with his geological wife Sarka and sons relocated to Australia, where they co-founded the Data Metallogenica expert system originally at the Australian Mineral Foundation in Adelaide. After AMF collapse at the end of 2001, Peter continued his “ore business” out of Metallogenica Consulting Adelaide.

University of Manitoba

University and external lecturing, researching, consulting, publishing. After obtaining his M.Sc and Ph.D in Canada, Peter advanced from Assistant to Full Professor in the Geology (later Earth Sciences) Department and lectured there for 29 years. He gave external lectures and short courses in metallogeny and “brecciology” in 25 countries and published eight major internationally reviewed books (read following pages). He consulted around the world for exploration companies and founded the Data Metallogenica information system on ore deposits, supported by around 4,000 miniaturized real rock and ore sets (lithotheques). Peter is a SEG (Society of Economic Geologists) Senior Fellow and lives with his geologist wife and co-worker, Sarka, and two sons in Australia.

Exploring in the Yukon
Alligators Rivers, NT, Australia. Overnight camp